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Donating online is easy!
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lodi needs your support!

On August 16th, our Director and Humane Police Officer, Barry Heim responded to a cruelty complaint near Matamoras.  The complainant stated that there was an emaciated dog they were concerned about.  Upon visiting the property he was shown a male, Yellow Lab by someone staying at the home.  The dog, was clearly emaciated.  His hips, spine and ribs were protruding, his eyes and head were sunken in.  At first guess, it was thought that the dog was likely a senior, 12yrs or older.  Barry Heim was able to contact the owner (Owner name withheld due to pending charges) and have them come to the home.  Once there is was revealed the dog is actually 6 years old.  The dog was signed over to the humane society at that time.  Currently he is in the care of the Shohola Veterinary Hospital where he will remain hospitalized until stable to come back to the shelter.  Bloodwork and examination has revealed that this is not the result of illness but willful neglect and starvation.  This poor dog is suffering from severe muscle atrophy, to the point that his teeth are loose.  He will need to remain on canned and soft foods until his body recuperates.  As with any case like this, we will need donations for his care and of course your prayers for a speedy recovery.  Please use our PayPal button on the upper left to donate today so we may continue to help animals like Lodi.  


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