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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Be Pet and Vet Friendly this 4th

We all look forward to the 4th of July, it contains some of our favorite things - Food, Family, Friends and Fireworks.  However not everyone enjoys the holiday as much as many of us do.
Each year thousands of pets go missing during the 4th of July holiday.  The main reason?  Fireworks.
Here are a few tips below to keep your pet safe.
1. Never bring your pet with you to firework displays.  Even the most obedient, calm and loyal pet will run as fast and as far as possible when scared. Deaf dogs will negatively respond to the intense, sharp vibrations from the fireworks as well.
2.  Don't host fireworks in your own backyard.  Fireworks going off in neighboring towns will scare a pet.  Imagine his or her own backyard.  If you don't have pets yourself, be considerate of your neighbors who do.
3.  If you know your pet is frightened by neighboring fireworks, place them in a secure area.  Its often recommended to play music or a TV to try to cover the sound of the fireworks.  Consider staying in for the evening to monitor your pets behavior and make them feel more secure.
4.  Speak with your veterinarian about providing a mild tranquilizer for your pet.  Often this will need to be given few hours before the event occurs.
5. Make sure your pet has current identification on his or her collar, including your name and phone number. Make sure their microchip information is also current.  If they do not have a microchip, please consider getting one. Microchipping saves lives!
6.  Never leave a pet outside, no matter how secure you believe your yard is.  And never tie a dog out during fireworks.  Sadly each year there are reports of animals breaking free from their tie outs or becoming so scared and frantic they have strangled themselves. You don't want that to happen to your pet.

You may be wondering where the Vet part comes in.  We mention our veterans because so many have returned from over seas and suffer from PTSD.  The sounds of fireworks can remind them of gun fire and explosives.  This sadly can cause a severe traumatic response.  While we are celebrating our freedom and their sacrifice, we should be conscientious of what they have endured to provide us with our continued freedoms.  

We highly recommend leaving the firework displays up to the professionals.  When you consider the trauma that they can inflict on your own pets, your neighbors and their pets, let alone how dangerous they are to handle, it simply isn't worth it.

If your pet does become lost, or you find a pet, please contact the Pike County Humane Society, or your local shelter immediately.  We wish everyone a safe and happy 4th!

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