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Donating online is easy!
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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Checkers Needs Your Help!

A beautiful border collie named Checkers is in need of your help today.  She was brought up from another organization to the Pike County Humane Society in hopes that she would be better able to find the loving family she deserves.  Checkers is a small and loving girl that has not had a good life.  The transferring organization caring for Checkers was having a great deal of difficulty placing her because she only had one eye and so many passed her up because in their eyes she wasn't perfect.  But she is!
Unfortunately just before her transport was to take place to Pike County, she was brutally attacked by three dogs.  When she was finally on her way to our little oasis, Barry Heim, our Director and a volunteer noticed something was horribly wrong and she was rushed to an emergency facility where she underwent life saving surgery.  She is going to require extensive ongoing care and veterinary treatment for the near future.  We are asking for donations for Checkers so that we can continue to provide this type of life saving care to her and the many other animals that will come in to our care just like her in the coming year.   Please use the paypal button on our page to make a donation today or mail to the address to the right of this posting.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your love and support, and Checkers does too.
To learn more about Checkers' ordeal please read the letter below in her own words.....


Dear Friends and Supporters,
My name is Checkers.  I am a 6 year old Border Collie and I haven't had a very nice life so far.  I have 1 eye, am missing teeth, I am very thin and have an old fracture on my back leg.  I was almost put to sleep, (I thought that meant a long needed rest) when a nice shelter said they would take me and make my life a lot better.

While I was waiting for them to get me, I went to visit a few other dogs to make friends.  They were not nice dogs.  I was brutally attacked by 3 other dogs.  I was rushed to a vet where he was supposed to have fixed my leg.  I was in excruciating pain.  When I was finally going to this nice shelter, everyone noticed a bad smell.  I had to be rushed to an emergency hospital in the middle of the night.

I had gangrene in my leg. The doctors took off my bandage and 1/2 of my leg was hanging by a piece of skin. The doctors said that they would have to take my leg and also my tail because the dogs broke that too.  While taking more tests, the hospital found that I was anemic also.  I was ready to just give up.  I was tired of the fight.  Until, I met the nice, caring and oh so compassionate people from the nice shelter.  They told me not to give up and promised they would take care of me.

Why would any shelter want to help me? That is what this nice shelter does. I heard them talking to the doctors that my operations would take time and money.  So, I am asking for them.  Please find it in your heart to help with a donation towards my hospital bill.  They helped me, please help them.

Thank you, Pike County Humane Society for caring enough for a worn out, beat up Border Collie that will always be grateful for a chance to know what love really is.


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