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Friday, March 11, 2016

Lost and Found Pets...Lets bring them home!

Each year millions of pets go missing from their loving homes, and many unfortunately never make it back home.  Its a devastating statistic and one that we hope to help close the gap on.

One way in which we hope to help, is through microchipping.  Every animal adopted from Pike County Humane Society is microchipped before leaving the shelter.  A lost pet who is microchipped has over a 52% chance of being returned to their owner.  Where that falls apart is failure to maintain current registration information.  Once your pet is microchipped it is very important to update all your contact information...whether it be a new address, new phone number or new email address.  If you have adopted a pet from our shelter and have had any of these changes, please contact us with those changes.  

If you haven't adopted a pet through us and your pet is not currently microchipped, we offer several low coast vaccine clinics throughout the year and provide microchipping at these clinics for the low cost of $20.

Please check out our website for a list of upcoming events and clinics->  Pike County Humane Society

Licensing is another very important way to identify your pet.  In PA all dogs are required to have a county dog license by the age of 3months.  The licenses expire the 31st of December of each year.  The license provides a unique identifier that the finder may call the courthouse with to get your information and return your pet to you.  Some municipalities in PA also require licensing for cats, and works in the same fashion.  You can contact your municipality for more information about pet licensing.

Pet ID Tags are inexpensive and another great way to identify your pet if they become lost.  Its a quick way to keep up to date contact information on your pet,  They do wear out, so check them often to make sure the information is legible should your pet get lost.  

What do I do if I have found a pet?
If the pet has a collar with tags you can use the information on those tags to try to locate the owner. You can also take the pet to a local veterinarian or animal shelter to have them scanned for a microchipped.  If you cannot keep the pet with you until the owner is found you can bring them to a local animal shelter.  If you find a pet in Pike County please call ahead so we can make arrangements to be available for their arrival. In Pennsylvania you can also contact your local dog warden for dogs.  If you find an injured pet, please call 911 and stay with the animal until help arrives, they will transfer the pet to either the shelter or a local veterinarian.  Never try to move an injured animal unless they are in immediate further danger.  When doing so use a blanket and gloves and caution.  Injured animals may bite out of fear or pain.
If you are able to keep the pet with you, please contact the shelter as soon as possible and submit a found pet report.  You can either call the shelter or submit a report through our Lost and Found Report Page.

Other sources to contact are---  Local Police, Local Veterinarians, Local Newspaper and Facebook Lost and Found Groups.

What do I do if I have Lost a pet?
Contact your local shelter, and if you are in Pike County, that would be us.  You can call or you can submit a report through our Lost and Found Report Page.  Contact your veterinarian and any other local veterinarians in your area. If you lost a dog, contact the county dog warden since he will most likely be the person called if your dog is found.  

Other sources to contact are---  Local Police, Local Veterinarians, Local Newspaper and Facebook Lost and Found Groups.

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