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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easter is only a few days away....

And we just want to remind folks that at Easter time we understand it is hard to resist those bunnies and baby chicks and ducklings....however we ask that if you cannot provide a lifetime of love and care for them, that you do resist.  The best Easter bunnies to get are the chocolate variety...and who doesn't love Peeps?
If you are considering a live pet, we ask that you wait until after the holiday and spend some time researching them.  Rabbits are cute and cuddly looking, but they require a lot of dedication.  They are extremely smart and social animals, and require much more attention than being put in a cage and left outside.  We urge you to visit the House Rabbit Society website to learn more about pet rabbits.
If you are interested in getting chickens and ducks, please note that they require special housing, food, Ducks and Chickens require their own special housing, diet and exercise as well as socialization and you can learn more about them by visiting  and For the Birds.  We hope everyone has a great holiday!

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