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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Winterizing Our Pets

We have been lucky this year with a very mild winter for the most part, but it seems that is going to change very quickly.  Here are a few tips for keeping your pets safe and warm---

  • Small breeds, dogs with short coats, very young or very old are even more susceptible to the cold.  A simple jacket or wrap that can be picked up at the pet supply store or even Walmart or Target will give them a little extra warmth and protection.
  •  Please remember that if it's too cold for you to be out there for extended periods of time, it is most definitely too cold for your pets.  Please don't leave pets outside.  every year hundreds of pets succumb to hypothermia in PA due to being left out in extreme conditions.  
  • Paw safety is crucial when it comes to walking on treated sidewalks, or treated areas around your home.  For your home use there are paw safe salts that can be purchased at nearly every place that sells pet items.  If you are walking your pets on community walks where the salt is not paw safe you can actually protect your pet with booties, or try at the least to walk them off side of the treated walkway.  Be sure to wipe your pets feet with a damp cloth when you get back home to remove any excess salt that can burn their pads.  If your pets feet do get irritated or burned seek veterinary care immediately.
Lastly, if you see an animal being left outside without shelter, please call your local police.  If you are located within Pike County, PA please call us and our humane officer will check on the situation.  

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