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Donating online is easy!

Donating online is easy!
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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Missed Our Adoption Event?

No Worries!  There will be plenty more this year!  If you are looking to adopt please visit our website, or better yet, plan a visit to the shelter.  We love visitors, and our pets love them even more.  Make an afternoon of it and spend quality time with all the pets who are sure to steal your heart and either wag or purr their way into your home.
Why is pet adoption so important?
Each year millions of loving and adoptable pets make their way into shelters through no fault of their own.  These pets depend on you to give them the lives and love they desire and deserve.   When you adopt a pet you are more than saving their lives, you are enriching your own.
Who doesn't want to come home to a little being who is always happy to see them?  Who loves them unconditionally and is grateful for every moment spent together?   Who doesn't want that one true friend with the willing ear, that they can tell absolutely everything and anything to without judgement?
Dogs make great exercise companions...which makes them good for your heart and soul....and its been proven that the simple act of petting a cat reduces stress and blood pressure.  Pet adoption teaches children to be more socially responsible and compassionate toward others.  So in essence there are so many benefits to pet adoption that everyone should be doing it!
With that...again...please visit our website or our shelter and adopt your new best friend!
Can't adopt?  Volunteer, or sponsor a pet that has captured your heart.  Sponsorship is easy...just click on the donation button on our page and in the notes section enter the name of the pet you would like to sponsor.  You can make it a one time donation or you can make a recurring, monthly donation which will help many animals at the shelter ongoing.  You can also mail in your donation to the PO Box listed.
Together we can make a difference in the lives of homeless pets!

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