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Saturday, January 24, 2009

We Need Volunteers

We need volunteers!
Can you help?
Can you come up and help us clean, or play with the animals? Can you come to fund raisers, and help us spread the word about this fabulous shelter and all the good work we do for the community?

If you'd like to look into volunteering, the best way to get started is to come to one of our board meetings. check the Upcoming Events link on the webpage for info about the next open meeting, and come on down to meet us.

If you don't think you want to come up to the physical shelter, there are other things you can do.

Can you link us on your webpage? Can you hang our flyers or posters in your local area business or on your community bulletin board? Can you put a pet food donation bin, or a donation can in your business and drop off what you collect to us?

Do you have an idea for a fund raiser you can do on your own?

Can you or your group help us assemble our newsletter? Can you come to the shelter and help clean, or paint, or ... anything?

Email or call us.


  1. Hello- My name is Gail Schulman -
    I have been here before & have adopted
    a cat there.
    He is so sweet - he is black & white.
    I wanted to stop by & let you know that
    I will be making & donating cookies for
    bake sale. I would be willing to help
    out if you need help.
    I just need to know where to drop off
    the cookies?
    You can e-mail me at to let me know.

  2. would be glad to put a donation can at my store, in addition to my church, Dingmans Ferry United Methodist, Myck rd is collecting for pchs the month of Feb. we love animals.

  3. I would like to volunteer my time to help with the animals or any position that may be open at this time. My email is

    Thank you

  4. i would love to volunteer i love animals and i want to help yall save animals lives please call me at 566-1940 or 372-8209

  5. Hi my name is Ashley and i am 8 years old and i would love to volunteer and help out.I am going to save my allounce so i can buy some dog and cat food for the animals there.


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