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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Adopting one dog may not change the world, but the world will surely change for that one dog.

The Starfish Story A man was walking along the beach one morning. During the night the tide had stranded thousands of starfish on the beach As the waves came crashing in he noticed a little girl in the distance. She was picking up the helpless starfish one at time and putting them back into the ocean. Curious, he approached her, and watched several times as she repeatedly made the effort to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of saving them. Finally, he asked "little girl you cannot possibly save them all so why waste your time?". Without hesitation she picked up another starfish, held it up to the man, and said "tell that to this little starfish". As he thought for a moment the little girl smiled, ran to the ocean and placed the starfish in the water. The man then reached down and picked up two starfish, took them to the safety of the water and continued on his walk.

Fran brought this story to our attention, as it has a special place in her life, and we decided to share it here.

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  1. my starfish story: one day long ago when I was in Greece, on the island of Paro's, I followed a very symetric path in the sand under the clear & calm waters of the Aegean for about 25 feet, wondering what it was from. The pattern was turning as I followed along it and at the end was a starfish. very cool. I love starfish.

  2. I remember reading this months ago when it first appeared on your site. Thanks for putting it out there again today, I needed this today.


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